How We Sell Your Home

Selling Your Home in Little Rocky Run

Over 95% of buyers and agents are searching for homes online and they see a LOT of homes!Fifteen Second Solution

You have just precious seconds to capture their attention, or they move onto the next home.
Your home must be presented properly to capture their interest within the first 15 seconds.
Then your home has to make that instant great impression again when potential buyers walk through your front door.

That’s why we developed the
“15-Second Solution” home marketing plan.

Expert Consulting

Expert Consulting

We will consult you on what does or does not need to be improved in your home, according to the market. We’ll also advise you on how to prepare your home for sale to give it a great 15-second first impression.


Free Home Staging

Precise Staging

We’ll stage your home to give it instant appeal for that first impression — at no additional cost to you! You will not have to purchase any decorations or pay an outside stager.
We skillfully combine our furniture and accessories with yours to make your home stand out to the buyers!


Right Pricing

Right PricingThe instant impression buyers have of your home is not just visual or emotional — it goes hand-in-hand with what they think about the price point.
We take a close look at current market conditions, neighborhood trends, and the specific features of your home to recommend an appropriate sales price. This does not imply an overly low or high price. Rather, it’s the APPROPRIATE price for the “overall package” so buyers will show instant interest in your home.

Excellent Photography

Excellent Real Estate PhotographyToday’s home buyers start their home search online and expect to see great pictures of the home before they visit it. If they’re not impressed with the photos within the first 15 seconds, they’ll just click to the next home.
The pictures we take of your home will not only capture, but keep people’s attention! We use a professional DSLR camera with a wide angle lens and special lighting – to put your home in, well, the best light!

Aggressive Marketing

Aggressive Marketing of Your HomeThe primary focus of our marketing campaign for your home is attracting buyers online. Your home will be promoted on multiple websites. In addition, your home will have its own URL and web page complete with a slide show of these fantastic pictures.
We also promote your home on social media, blogs and Craigslist.

Since 6% of homes are sold by friends, family, and neighbors spreading the news, we’ll provide you with a simple email and Facebook message asking folks to let others know about your home.
Signs, open houses and more round out the campaign to make sure your home gets noticed—and gets sold.

Elite Brochures

Elite Brochures

When visiting your home, potential buyers will receive a large glossy brochure highlighting the best features of your home to take with them!

They’re designed to leave them with a great visual reminder that reinforces those first impression feelings — even after they’ve visited other homes.

Team Approach

A Customized, Team Approach

We bring the resources of multiple team members with experience in negotiation, marketing, transaction management and more, plus the strength of Keller Williams Realty, the second largest brokerage in the United States.

Both online and at your front door,
a buyer’s first impression is critical.
Our 15-Second Solution makes your home stand out in the first 15 seconds
and maintains that great impression throughout the process
to get your home sold quickly and for the most money.
The 15-Second Solution marketing plan
for your home is only available through
Equity Rise Real Estate Group.